Cotton Candy Sally Finds a Home


        Cotton Candy Sally Finds a Home is the debut book in The Sally Horse Chronicles.

        Watch for new books in the series coming soon.

            ISBN-13: 978-0692678886

            Consistent 5-star reviews

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When she lived in Iowa, Sally was a beloved quarter horse. But when she arrived in New York City, they started calling her a nasty, sour nag. The girls at Bernadette’s riding school were afraid of her, and Sally started spending more and more time alone, with her head tethered to her stall. 

Troubled, twelve-year-old Kara fell in love with Sally and was determined to fix things. But her father had recently died, and her mother had no money to buy the spirited mare. Where would she end up and what would happen to Kara, who finally found a way to be happy in the wake of her father’s death?  

Cotton Candy Sally Finds a Home is the debut book in The Sally Horse Chronicles, a heartfelt, inspiring series that digs deep into the special bond between horse and human. Originally written as a series for middle graders, the book has received five-star reviews from people of all ages who say it is a "gripping, every person's story..." and  "a story about commitment, loyalty, sharing, love, dignity, respect and friendship."

“This beautifully written book captured my heart.” – Amazon

"It’s a beautiful story of how two wonderful souls find one another and create an amazing bond." -- Amazon 


"Loved this book! I found myself engrossed in the characters and the plot, and (as my husband can attest) I cried both sad and happy tears. Karen has really captured the inner life of a horse." -- Amazon 

Watch for The Sally Horse Chronicles #2, Cotton Candy Sally Meets a Friend, coming this October!